NH Canadian Trade Council Events/Agendas/Minutes/Members

Events and Agendas for the Canadian Trade Council

Events / Agendas Minutes
NH-CTC Meeting June 25, 2024  
NH-CTC Meeting June 10, 2024  
NH-CTC Meeting May 20, 2024  
NH-CTC Meeting April 15, 2024 View
NH-CTC Meeting March 18, 2024 View
NH-CTC Meeting February 12, 2024 View
NH-CTC Meeting January 8, 2024 View
NH-CTC Meeting December 11, 2023 View
NH-CTC Meeting November 6, 2023 View

NH CTC Economic Summit Event                       
Letter from Sherbrooke Mayor

NH-CTC Meeting October 16, 2023 View
NH-CTC Meeting September 20, 2023 View
NH-CTC Meeting May 22, 2023 View
NH-CTC Meeting April 7, 2023 View
NH-CTC 2022 Economic Summit Agenda  


Members of the NH Canadian Trade Council IncludeSenatorsDonna Soucy; Keith Murphy; Donovan Fenton; Howard Pearl.  Representatives: Janet Wall; Benjamin Baroody; Linda DiSilvestro; Linda Massimilla; Sherman Packard; Steve Shurtleff; Tim McGough; Arnold Davis; Troy Merner; Daniel Eaton.  Secretary of State David M. Scanlan.  Department of Business and Economic Affairs Benoit Lamontagne.  Office of the Governor, Harold Parker.  Public Sector: BJ Perry; and Timothy Egan.