Special Committee on Voter Confidence

Information on the Special Committee on Voter Confidence

Mission: The Special Committee on Voter Confidence will work to identify root causes of voter confidence decline and make recommendations to reverse the trend.

The New Hampshire Special Committee on Voter Confidence was formed by New Hampshire Secretary of State David M. Scanlan as a bipartisan effort to discuss and address growing concerns about declines in voter confidence. Dick Swett and Brad Cook will chair the Committee.

New Hampshire is one of the easiest places for voters to register and cast their ballots, but concerns about declining voter confidence have been voiced in the state, as well as nationally.

Through open and continuous dialogue with the voting public and elected officials, the Committee will work tirelessly in the lead-up to mid-term elections to reverse this trend and strengthen the public’s trust in New Hampshire’s time-tested election process.

All of the Committee's meetings and speaking engagements will be open to the public, with advance notice, culminating in a publically available report on its activities.

Please contact the Commission with any questions or requests at VoterConfidence@sos.nh.gov

If you have previously testified at a Special Committee on Voter Confidence meeting and would like your testimony included as part of the record, email VoterConfidence@sos.nh.gov