Special Committee on Voter Confidence Members

The Special Committee on Voter Confidence is composed of the following members:

Richard Swett (co-chair)    Director on the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire Board and a fellow of the American Institute of Architects and Design Futures Council. Served in the U.S. House of Representatives and Congress, and as ambassador to Denmark. 

Bradford E. Cook (co-chair)    Chair of New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission, attorney and former president of Sheehan Phinney law firm, and regular contributor to the New Hampshire Business Review. 

Andrew Georgevits    Chairman of the Concord Republican City committee and a grassroots activist. Has also served in senior leadership roles on multiple presidential campaigns.  

Amanda Merrill   Served five terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and two terms in the New Hampshire Senate.  Board member for the New Hampshire Land & Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) and the Community Power Coalition-New Hampshire.

Jim Splaine    Served as a New Hampshire State Senator and in the House of Representatives. Chaired the 1988-89 Charter Commission that rewrote Portsmouth's Charter and authored the 1975 law that requires the New Hampshire Secretary of State to set the First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary at least "7 days or more" before a similar event.

Douglass Teschner    President of Growing Leadership, New England Regional Leader of Braver Angels and former Peace Corps Director in Ukraine. Chief of party of USAID legislative strengthening projects in Rwanda and Morocco. Also an OSCE election observer during the 2019 Ukraine Presidential election.

Olivia Zink    Executive Director of nonprofit Open Democracy in Concord. Currently the Franklin New Hampshire city councilor and served as Interim Mayor in Franklin in 2021. 

Ken Eyring     Co-founder of the Government Integrity Project.  Gained interest in election integrity following the WIndham, New Hampshire election audit in 2021.