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Forms and Search Requests

Filing Online: On June 15, 2004, the N.H. Legislature passed House Bill 1348 into law that created RSA 5:10-a. As of July 1, 2004, all fees received electronically by the State of New Hampshire will be charged an additional $2.00 handling charge.

Paper Filing: Return envelopes are no longer required with your filings. All filings will be returned to the address that is entered in section B ("Send Acknowledgement To:").  If section B is not filled in with an address, your acknowledgement will not be returned.

State of New Hampshire Revised Statutes Online
Uniform Commercial Code (Chapter 382-A)


Available Online Paper Forms Fees
File Online

UCC 1: National Financing Statement & Instructions

UCC 1Ad: National Financing Statement Addendum and Instructions

UCC 1AP: National Financing Statement Additional Party and Instructions

With up to two debtors and one addendum page, $48.00.

2 or more pages attached, add $35.00.

Additional debtor or secured party name(s) to be indexed over two, add $40.00 each.

File Online

UCC 3: National Financing Statement Amendment and Instructions

UCC 3Ad: National Financing Statement Amendment Addendum and Instructions

UCC 3AP: National Financing Statement Amendment Additional Party and Instructions

A Continuation, Partial Release, Assignment, Amendment or Termination with one page addendum, $48.00.

2 or more pages attached, add $35.00.

Additional debtor or secured party name(s) to be indexed over two, add $40.00 each.

File Online Public Finance Transaction $96
File Online Manufactured Housing $96
File Online Transmitting Utility $96
File Online UCC 5: National Information Statement $48



File Online UCC 11-U Search: State Information Request Form.

Routine $10.00

24 Hour $25.00

Same Day $35.00

  Form 9 Contact UCC for filing fee
View IACA UCC Forms View all fees here:  RSA 382-A:9-525 Fees.


Walk-In Expedited Filing Fees (Expedited fees are in addition to the filing fees.)
Same Day: Immediate time, $50.00 (Acknowledgement receipt may take up to 4 hours.)
24 Hours: $25

Instructions for Viewing PDF Forms 

Visitors to our web site can view and print forms from the Secretary of State's office in the same format as they appear in print.  With Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can view PDF documents online or download and print them.

All forms are available in PDF format.  Most forms can be filled out online, then printed and mailed in with the requisite fee.  Just click on the link for the form of your choice and the form will open in your web browser.  For best results, view and print the forms from within the Adobe Acrobat Reader Toolbar.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free. Click here to download and install the most current version of Adobe Reader.