Voter Assistance

An absentee voter with a disability may receive assistance in voting from any person.

“Any person who assists a voter with a disability in executing” the application for an absentee ballot or the affidavit on the absentee ballot envelope “shall make a statement acknowledging the assistance on the application form [and on the affidavit] to assist the moderator when comparing signatures on election day”  RSA 657:4; RSA 657:7, II(b);RSA 657:17.     

A different person may assist the voter with the application than the person who assists the voter with the affidavit.     

The person assisting the voter must complete this statement, which is printed on the application and the affidavit: “I attest that I assisted the applicant in executing this form because he/she has a disability.  Signature____________Date________.”   

When a voter receives assistance with requesting and/or marking an absentee ballot, the law makes an exception to the requirement that a voter’s signature on an application for an absentee ballot and on the affidavit envelope must appear to be made by the same person.  If the statement of assistance is completed on the application and/or affidavit envelope, the moderator will not compare the signatures.  On election day, if the absentee voter is registered and has not voted in person, the absentee ballot will be counted.