New Hampshire Election Laws

Information about New Hampshire Election Laws

Chapter 652     General Provisions
Chapter 653     Election of Officers and Delegates
Chapter 654     Voters and Checklists
Chapter 655     Nominations
Chapter 656     Preparation of Voting Material
Chapter 657     Absentee Voting Chapter
Chapter 658     Pre-Election Procedure
Chapter 659     Election Procedure
Chapter 660     Post-Election Procedure
Chapter 661     Vacancies Among Public Officers Elected at State Elections
Chapter 662     Elective Districts - Executive Council - State Senate - State Representative - County Commissioner
Chapter 662-A  Division of State Representative Districts of Towns
Chapter 663     Questions to Voters
Chapter 664     Political Expenditures and Contributions
Chapter 665     Ballot Law Commission
Chapter 666     Provisions for Purity of Elections
Chapter 667     Constitutional Conventions and State Party Conventions
Chapter 668     Provisions for Unincorporated Places
Chapter 669     Town Elections
Chapter 670     Village District Elections
Chapter 671     School District Elections
Chapter 39       Time for Holding Town Meetings and Warning Thereof (SB2)
Chapter 40       Government of Town Meeting (SB2)