Election Integrity

Information on election integrity in New Hampshire

How to File an Election Law Complaint
If you have witnessed efforts to commit any kind of fraud or corruption in the voting process, you may report this to:
The Moderator at your polling place

The N.H. Attorney General's Office at 1-866-868-3703 (866-VOTER03) or electionlaw@doj.nh.gov. Click on Election Law Complaint for more information.

The Secretary of State's Office at 603-271-3242 or elections@sos.nh.gov

For federal offenses, you may also notify the U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire at 603-225-1552
If you have witnessed actual or attempted acts of discrimination or intimidation in the voting process, you may report to the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice at 202-514-4609