Vote in Honor of a Veteran

Information on how to participate in the Secretary of State's "Vote in Honor of a Veteran" program.

The Secretary of State’s Office is pleased to launch its “Vote in Honor of a Veteran” program, which gives New Hampshire voters the opportunity to recognize the veterans and service members in their lives who protect our most precious freedom – the right to vote.

To participate in the program, simply use the button below to submit the name of the veteran or service member you are voting in honor of and a short testimonial on what their service means to you. In exchange, the Secretary of State’s Office will mail you a “Vote in Honor of a Veteran” lapel pin designed by Navy veteran Jacob Aldridge that you can wear proudly on Election Day.

Your testimony may be posted on our website.


Vote In Honor of a Veteran

Artist’s Biography

Our “Vote in Honor of a Veteran” pin was designed by Navy veteran Jacob Aldridge in 2024. Originally from Virginia, Mr. Aldridge joined the navy after graduating high school in 2010. Following his service as an auxiliary technician aboard the USS Cheyenne, he joined the USS New Hampshire. After a decade of dedicated service in the Navy, he worked as an engineering tech at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Mr. Aldridge, a recipient of five Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medals, is currently pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at Great Bay Community College.