Party Column Rotation - 2022 General Election

Party column rotation on the general election ballot shall be determined by randomly selecting state senate districts for each column required to be on the ballot. Senate district numbers 1 through 24 reflecting each of the 24 senate districts shall be randomly drawn for each party column. If there are not enough senate districts left to be evenly divided by the number of columns, the secretary of state shall assign the towns and city wards of the remaining senate districts to the party columns so as to achieve as equal a population representation for each party column as is reasonably possible. RSA 656:5 (Chapter 252, Laws of 2022)

O-Other Candidates

State Senate Districts First Column Second Column Third Column
District 1 R O D
District 2 R O D
District 3 O D R
District 4 D R O
District 5 O D R
District 6 O D R
District 7 O D R
District 8 D R O
District 9 O D R
District 10 D R O
District 11 D R O
District 12 D R O
District 13 R O D
District 14 R O D
District 15 R O D
District 16 D R O
District 17 O D R
District 18 D R O
District 19 R O D
District 20 D R O
District 21 R O D
District 22 R O D
District 23 O D R
District 24 O D R