Uniformed Overseas Citizens Voter Registration

Frequently asked questions and information about Uniformed Overseas Citizens Voter Registration

I am a military (uniformed) or overseas voter. How do I look up my voter registration information?

You may access the Secretary of State’s Registered Voter web link at https://app.sos.nh.gov, enter your first name, last name, town or city, and date of birth. Any voter may verify their registration by contacting the supervisors of the checklist or town/city clerk in your town of domicile at the number provided on the Secretary of State’s website at https://app.sos.nh.gov

Under what circumstances must military (uniformed) voters re-register?

Military (uniformed) voters must re-register if they move their domicile and choose to vote where they establish a new domicile. If they wish to remain as a voter in the State of New Hampshire, they are not obligated to re-register simply because they have moved from state to state or overseas. They can vote at their “home of record”, which is the address the military (uniformed) member had upon entry into the service, so long as they do not register to vote elsewhere.