Hillsborough County District 21 (Merrimack) (1)

The Governor and Executive Council, at their meeting held on January 7, 2021, approved the Precept to hold a SPECIAL ELECTION for State Representative from Hillsborough County District No. 21 (Merrimack)

*Filing Period:  January 11 - 15, 2021.  Candidates may file with the Town Clerk of Merrimack on Monday, January 11th OR Tuesday, January 12th during normal business hours, OR they may file with the Secretary of State's Office Monday January 11th through Friday, January 15th -  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

*Filing with the town clerk: Please call the clerk's office for information on office availability - 424-3651

*Filing with Secretary of State: Please arrive at the State House at the Park Street entrance and call 271-3242.   A representative from the office will come down to  collect your paperwork and fee.   

Special Election: April 13, 2021

Recount Deadlines: After Special Election - April 14th.

Republican - Bill Boyd, Merrimack (139 Joppa Road) 03054 (WINNER - Election Result 2,531)(Sworn into office by the Governor and Executive Council on April 21, 2021)

Democrat - Wendy E.N. Thomas, Merrimack (10 Wildcat Falls Rd) 03054 (Election Result 2,144)

Declaration of Intent - Lynn Christensen, Merrimack (27 Greatstone Drive) 03054

Declaration of Intent - Stephen Hollenberg, Merrimack (14 Jo Ellen Drive) 03054 (Election Result 104)

Reporting Requirements:  Reports may be filed by paper OR registration for filing purposes can be made on the Campaign Finance System (CFS)  at  http://cfs.sos.nh.gov/