Election Officials

Information for Election Officials in New Hampshire

Purity of Election Posters

Below are the lists of colleges and schools which provide valid student identification for voting purposes pursuant to RSA 659:13 II(C).


Federal Post Card Application

Sealing Label Identifying Ballots Cast

2022 Election Law Changes

2022-2023 Election Procedure Manual - The Elections Procedure Manual is a large document, and on some computers, Adobe Acrobat may have trouble scrolling through all of the pages using the scroll bars or a trackpad. If you are experiencing this, please use the up and down arrows within the Adobe Acrobat tool bar to cycle through the pages, or you may also view the document directly in a web browser.



Please reach out to SOS for printable versions of these documents: 

  • 2021 Combined Town, School and Village District Elections and Meeting
  • Polling Place Line Management - January 2020
  • 2020 Summer Election Training - Reconciliation - State Primary
  • Cybersecurity - January 2020
  • Cybersecurity - January 2020
  • Accessibility PowerPoint - 2016
  • Notice to Election Officials of Accessible Absentee Ballot System