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Department of State
Division of Vital Records Administration

Statutory Authority & Rules



Here you will find our statutes and rules regarding the collection and release of vital records.  State statutes are created by the New Hampshire Legislature and are published in the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated and serve as legal authority for the Department of State.

 N.H. Statutes

Title I, The State and Its Government, RSA 5-C, Vital Records Administration

Title VIII, Public Defense and Veterans' Affairs, RSA 115:7, State Veterans Council - Copies of Public Records

Title X, Public Health, RSA126, Vital Records Health Statistics

Title XII, Public Safety and Welfare, RSA 170-B:18, Adoption-Report of Adoption

Title XII, Public Safety and Welfare, RSA 170-B:19, Adoption-Confidentiality of Records

Title XXVI,Cemeteries: Burials: Dead Bodies, RSA 290, Burials and Disinterments

Title XLIII, Domestic Relations, RSA 457:38, Marriages-Proof of Marriage - Certified Copy of Record

Title XLIII, Domestic Relations, RSA 458:15, Annulment, Divorce and Separation - Procedure - Clerks' Returns

Title XLIII, Domestic Relations, RSA 458:25, Annulment, Divorce and Separation -Change of Name - Return of List

Title XLIII, Domestic Relations, RSA 458:30, Annulment, Divorce and Separation - Limited Divorces - Returns

Proposed Legislation

House Bills

Senate Bills



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