November 5, 2002    Summary By Counties Constitutional Amendment Questions
Question No. 1   Question No. 2
Yes No   Yes No
Belknap County 10,708 6,572   8,847 9,071
Carroll County 10,023 5,197   8,875 7,285
Cheshire County 10,752 9,507   8,639 12,505
Coos County 5,264 3,030   4,230 4,754
Grafton County 14,441 8,192   11,382 12,228
Hillsborough County 66,399 36,379   53,669 53,214
Merrimack County 24,464 17,317   21,838 21,924
Rockingham County 54,758 27,548   40,942 40,296
Strafford County 18,016 11,236   14,219 16,087
Sullivan County 6,763 4,601   5,080 6,678
Totals 221,588 129,579   177,721 184,042
Belknap/Carroll Counties Cheshire County Coos County Grafton County
Hillsborough County Merrimack County Rockingham County Strafford/Sullivan Counties
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Question Relating to a Constitutional Amendment Proposed by the 2002 General Court
Question No. 1

"Are you in favor of amending article 73-a of the second part of the constitution to read as follows: [Art.] 73-a. [Supreme Court Administration.] The chief justice of the supreme court shall be the administrative head of all the courts.  The chief justice shall, with the concurrence of a majority of the supreme court justices, have the power by rule to regulate the security and administration of, and the practice, procedure, and rules of evidence in, all courts in the state.  The rules so adopted shall have the force and effect of law.  The general court may also regulate these matters by statute provided that the general court shall have no authority to abridge the necessary adjudicatory functions for which the courts were created.  In the event of a conflict between a statue and a rule, the statute shall supersede the rule, if not contrary to the provisions of the constitution." (Passed by the N.H. House 290 Yes 48 No; Passed by State Senate 16 Yes 7 No) CACR 5

Question Proposed pursuant to Part II, Article 100 of the New Hampshire Constitution
Question No. 2

"Shall there be a convention to amend or revise the constitution?"