Audio Hearings of the Executive Council

March 23, 2010
Robert L Quinn
Director/State Police


April 7, 2010
Richard C. Bailey
Director/Motor Vehicles


April 7, 2010
Paul Leather
Deputy Commissioner/Dept. of Education


April 26, 2010
Thomas S. Burack
Commissioner/Dept. Environmental Services


April 26, 2010
Harry T Stewart
Director of Water Division of
Dept. of Environment Services


June 2, 2010
Charles R. McIntyre
Executive Director  of NH Lottery Commission


August 3, 2010
George Copadis
Commissioner -  the Dept of Labor


November 9, 2010
Lori Harnois
Director of Travel & Tourism/Dept. of Resources & Economic Development


November 9, 2010
Frances Buczynski
Director of Policy and Administration/Dept of Transportation


November 9, 2010
Patrick McKenna
Director of Finance/Dept. of Transportation


November 30, 2010
Eileen M. Kerwick
Pardon Hearing

November 30, 2010
Linda S. Dalianis
Chief Justice of  NH Supreme Court

                                   November 30, 2010
Robert J. Lynn - Associate Justice of NH Supreme Court
M. Kristin Spath - Associate Justice of Concord District Court (2:05:05)
James M. Carroll - Justice of Laconia District Court (2:54:00)

February 2, 2011
Ward Bird - Pardon Hearing
audio of hearing
audio of deliberative session

February 3, 2011
Susan M. (Riccio) Wnter
Pardon Hearing
audio of hearing


April 5, 2010
Tina Nadeau
Chief Justice of NH Superior Court

June 22, 2011
Neals-Erik William Delker
Associate Justice of the NH Superior Court

June 22, 2011
Ann M. Rice
Deputy Attorney General


August 18, 2011
Christopher D. Clement, Sr.
Commissioner - Dept. of Transportation

November 30, 2011
Meeting to Conduct a Utility Review
Attending were: Chris Hodgdon, State Director - Comcast
Tim Horan, President - National Grid
Gary Long, CEO - PSNH
Fred Anderson, President - NH Co-op
Bob Schoenburger, CEO - Unitil
Patrick McHugh, President - Fairpoint

February 22, 2012
Public Utilities Commission
Amy L. Ignatius (to serve as Chair
Michael Harrington
Robert R. Scott

May 18, 2012
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
James P. Bassett

June 1, 2012
Associate Justice of the Superior Court
John C. Kissinger, Jr.

August 16, 2012 9:00 a.m.
Associate Justices of the Circuit Court
Julie A. Introcaso
Jennifer A. Lemire
Lawrence A. McLeod, Jr.


August 16, 2012 9:00 a.m.
Associate Justices of the Circuit Court
Paul Moore
Mark F. Weaver
Susan B. Carbon (Part-time Justice)



February 21, 2013 5:30 p.m.
Jeffrey J. Rose
Commissioner - Department of Resources and Economic Development