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IRS Offers Small Business Tax Resources
At Your Fingertips

The IRS reminds small business owners that resources to help them comply with their tax responsibilities are at their fingertips at the Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center on

Each year millions of people visit this easy-to-navigate website designed to help business owners find information quickly and conveniently.  Some visitors said,

“Thank you (no kidding).  As a small office sole proprietor attorney operating in a small town where people really need some time from me, I have enjoyed the ready assistance that sites provide, which ensures that anyone can access the publications, topics, forms and instructions.  This small business and self-employed website truly helped today.”

“This website contains ALL the information I need and probably will ever need.  This information is oh-so-timely in that I am about to re-enter the entrepreneurial arena and your information provides the guidelines and content, which will facilitate my re-entry into the small business arena.  Many thanks for making my re-entry easy!

“Great source of information.  Easy to find specific information.  The legalese is not overwhelming, which is what a small business owner like me wants.  I don't want to have to run to a lawyer charging $250 an hour to explain text on the site.  Keep it going!”

Available information and products

The tax center includes forms and publications, legislative updates, links to state government websites, small business events, a Spanish resource site, an electronic mail service, videos and other educational products.  These visitors found the site particularly helpful when looking for specific information:

“This self-employed section is the clearest and most helpful information I've found on my own tax situation.  Trying to understand how to pay the right amount of tax is frustrating, but the self-employment tax part you have rendered straightforward.  Thank you.”

“The "get a federal employer identification number" wizard is great and the instructions are very clear.  The small biz virtual workshop is outstanding.”

Industry specific information

In addition, the IRS has established tax centers for some specific industries and professions, including agriculture, automotive, childcare providers, construction, entertainment and real estate.  Begin with the A-Z Index for Businesses page of the website or go to the Industries/Professions link on our website for tax information specific to certain industries and professions.

Whether opening a business, closing a business or staying current with laws and procedures, let this site help make your tax responsibilities less taxing this year.  Visit the Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center.

For more help and information for your business, go to,,id=236855,00.html".

Introducing the IRS Video Portal

The IRS Video Portal is a new Web page featuring video and audio.  Use it to get up-to-date information on many tax topics.  It’s free!  And you can view or listen to anytime that’s convenient for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a tax professional, business owner or just an individual taxpayer – there is something there for you and the products are catalogued for easy identification.

With technology improvements coming faster and faster and the IRS offering more and more education venues such as webinars, webcasts and podcasts, learning about taxes gets easier all the time.

Can’t attend an event on the date it occurs?  Problem solved!  Now they are stored and ready when you are, on the IRS Video Portal.

See what you can learn today -- or if today’s not good for you, then tomorrow -- take advantage of the IRS Video Portal.


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