Corporation Division


Limited Liability Partnership Forms

Domestic (N.H.)

For your convenience, all forms can be filled out online then printed, signed and mailed to this office.  One (1) original document must be submitted to the Corporation Division.  Please ensure that forms are printed on 8.5" x 11" paper in black ink.

Checks should be made payable to "State of New Hampshire".

For information regarding name availability, please click here.



Form 1  Application for Reservation of Name
    (PLEASE NOTE:  Form 1 does NOT need to be filed if
     you are filing Form LLP-1 at this time.)



Form 3  Notice of Transfer of Reserved Name


Notice of Cancellation of Reservation
No standardized form available; see
RSA 304-A:46 II


LLP-1  Limited Liability Partnership Registration
(MUST be submitted with Form SRA, included)
    (PLEASE NOTE:  If you are filing Form LLP-1 at this time,
     you do NOT need to file Form 1.)



LLP-2  Notice of Change (Amendment)


LLP-4  Withdrawal of NH Registration


LLP-5  Change of Registered Agent or Registered Office


LLP-5-A  Change of Registered Office only


**Annual Fee--No Standardized Form
Late Fee


** Notice is sent in January by the Secretary of State



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