G&C Meeting 8-8-12






The Governor and Council confirmed the following:


Board of Acupuncture Licensing - RSA:  328-G


Alice G. Meattey, Dover                                                                                     Effective:  September 8, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Expiration:  September 8, 2015


Athletic Trainers Governing Board - RSA:  328-F

Renee C. Kleszczynski, Durham                                                                      Effective:  August 8, 2012

Succeeding:  Kerri A. Lafond, Keene (resigned)                                            Expiration:  January 8, 2014


Board of Barbering, Cosmetology & Esthetics - RSA:  313-A


Michelle Kapos, Candia                                                                                    Effective:  August 8, 2012

Succeeding:  Leanne Fleming Lummis, Windham (term limited)              Expiration:  June 30, 2017


Community College System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees - RSA:  188-F

(Community Service)

Tricia H. Lucas, Manchester                                                                             Effective:  August 8, 2012

Succeeding:  William K. Marcello, Keene                                                      Expiration:  June 30, 2016


Community College System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees - RSA:  188-F


Rafael Rojas, Jr., Pittsfield                                                                                Effective:  August 8, 2012

Succeeding:  Estaban Lopez, Goffstown                                                        Expiration:  June 30, 2016


Current Use Advisory Board - RSA: 79-A

(Representing asessing official in a city)

Normand G. Bernaiche, Acworth                                                                     Effective:  August 8, 2012

Succeeding:  Laura J. Thibodeau, Sullivan                                                    Expiration:  March 15, 2014


Enhanced 911 Commission - RSA:  106-H

(NH Federation of Fire Mutual Aid)

Paul A. Szoc, Keene                                                                                            Effective:  August 8, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Expiration:  July 22, 2015


Board of Fire Control - RSA:  153:2

(Propane Gas Distribution)

Brian B. Boudreau, Rochester                                                                          Effective:  September 2, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Expiration:  September 2, 2017


Director of the Division of Higher Education for the Department of Education - RSA:21-N:3 & 8-a

Nominated by the Commissioner of Education, after consultation with the Board of Education

Richard A. Gustafson, Bedford                                                                        Effective:  August 8, 2012

Vacancy                                                                                                                Expiration:  August 8, 2016

Salary:  Grade EE; Maximun step - $78,467


State Historical Resources Council - RSA:  227-C


James L. Garvin, Pembroke                                                                              Effective:  August 8, 2012

Succeeding:  Robert Macieski, New Boston (resigned)                                Expiration:  December 10, 2013


Lakes Management Advisory Committee - RSA:  483-A

(Rep of NH Lakes Association)

David W. Packard, Goffstown                                                                          Effective:  August 8, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Expiration:  August 1, 2015


Board of Medicine - RSA:  329

Michael Barr, Nashua                                                                                        Effective:  August 8, 2012

Succeeding:  Nick Perencevich, Concord (resigned)                                     Expiration:  April 21, 2015


Real Estate Commission - RSA:  331-A


James R. Therrien, Hampton                                                                            Effective:  September 15, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Expiration:  September 15, 2017


Recreational Therapy Governing Board - RSA:  328-F

Bronwyn Dronsfield, Barrington                                                                      Effective:  August 8, 2012

Succeeding:  Sharon Nichols, Portsmouth (resigned)                                    Expiration:  October 25, 2012


New Hampshire Retirement System Board of Trustees - RSA:  100-A:14

(non-menber trustee)

J. David McCrillis, Newport                                                                               Effective:  August 8, 2012

Succeeding:  Danny H. O’Brien, Rye                                                              Expiration:  July 13, 2014


Wetlands Site Selection Committee - RSA:  482-A

Peter Steckler, Exeter                                                                                          Effective:  September 27, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Expiration:  September 27, 2015






The Governor and Council on motion of Councilor Wheeler, seconded by Councilor St. Hilaire, voted to table the confirmation as follows:


Board of Pharmacy - RSA:  318

Robert J. Stout, Candia                                                                                      Effective:  September 7, 2012

Succeeding:  George L. Bowersox, Hudson (term limited)                          Expiration:  September 7, 2017