G&C Meeting 6-20-12






The Governor placed into nomination the following:


Board of Engineers - RSA:  310-A:3

Charles W. Ackroyd, Seabrook                                                                        Effective:  August 21, 2012

Succeeding:  Lee F. Carroll, Gorham (term limited)                                      Expiration:  August 21, 2017


Board of Registration of Funeral Directors and Embalmers - RSA:  352:2

Carl A. Michaud, Londonderry                                                                        Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Susan Simonds, Swanzey Center                                             Expiration:  June 13, 2017


New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority - RSA:  204-C

(Public Member)

Kenneth N. Ortmann, Rochester                                                                      Effective:  Upon confirmation

Reappointment                                                                                                    Expiration:  July 1, 2017


Lakes Management Advisory Committee - RSA:  483-A

(Municipal officer of a lakefront community)

Nominated by the NH Municipal Association

Dennis J. Pavlicek, Newbury                                                                             Effective:  August 1, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Expiration:  August 1, 2015


New Hampshire Municipal Bond Bank - RSA:  35-A

Marian Alese, Milford                                                                                        Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Katherine E. L. Chambers, Milford (resigned)                       Expiration:  July 1, 2017


Board of Registration of Podiatrists - RSA:  315

Jennifer S. Sartori, Fremont                                                                               Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Wayne C. Gould, Rollinsford (term limited)                           Expiration:  June 3, 2017


New Hampshire Retirement System Board of Trustees - RSA:  100-A:14

(Nom. by the New Hampshire State Employee’s Association)

Mary Kathleen McGovern, Penacook                                                            Effective:  Upon confirmation

Reappointment                                                                                                    Expiration:  July 1, 2014


New Hampshire Retirement System Board of Trustees - RSA:  100-A:14

(NH Local Government Center)

Guy Scaife, Milford                                                                                            Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Keith R. Hickey, Merrimack (resigned)                                   Expiration:  September 5, 2013


New Hampshire Retirement System Board of Trustees - RSA:  100-A:14

(Nom. by the NH State Permanent Fireman’s Association)

George A. Walker, Nashua                                                                                Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Brian W. Morrissey, Nashua                                                      Expiration:  July 1, 2014


Deputy Director of Motor Vehicles at the Department of Safety - RSA:  21-P:11-a

Nominated by the Commissioner of the Department of Safety

William R. Joseph, Bristol                                                                                  Effective:  August 9, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Expiration:  August 9, 2016

Salary:  Grade FF; step 1; $63,231