G&C Meeting 4-9-08






The Governor and Council confirmed the following:


Department of Administrative Services:  Financial Data Manager

Nominated by the Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services

Charles Russell, Derry                                                                                         Effective:  April 9, 2008

Succeeding:  Michael E. Barlow, Concord                                                     Term:  April 9, 2012

Salary:  HH Step 3:  $84,297


Current Use Advisory Board

(Represents Assessing Official in a City)

Laura J. Thibodeau, Sullivan                                                                            Effective:  April 9, 2008

Reappointment                                                                                                    Term:  March 15, 2010


Economic Development Matching Grants Program

Nominated by the Business and Industry Association

David A. Juvet, Barnstead                                                                                 Effective:  April 9, 2008

Vacancy                                                                                                                Term:  April 9, 2011


 Health Services Planning and Review BoardTABLED – The Governor and Council on motion of Councilor Wieczorek, seconded by Councilor Burton voted to table the following confirmation:


Constance A. Jones, Grantham                                                                        Effective: Upon Confirmation

Succeeding: Elizabeth Crory, Hanover                                                           Term: April 19, 2009


Marital Mediator Certification Board

(Mental Health Professional)

I. Terry Sturke, Concord                                                                                    Effective:  April 10, 2008

Reappointment                                                                                                    Term:  April 10, 2011


Midwifery Council


Sylvia Horsley, MD, Nashua                                                                             Effective:  April 9, 2008

Succeeding:  Lisa K. Stolper, MD, Gilsum                                                      Term:  September 28, 2011


Penalty Appeals Board


Gayle E. Troy, Dunbarton                                                                                 Effective:  April 11, 2008

Reappointment                                                                                                    Term:  April 11, 2011


Physical Therapy Governing Board

Greg Woodsum, Weare                                                                                      Effective:  April 9, 2008

Succeeding:  Robert P. Brunton, Wolfeboro                                                  Term:  January 8, 2011


Commissioner:  Department of Transportation

George N. Campbell, Jr., Portsmouth                                                               Effective:  April 9, 2008

Succeeding:  Charles P. O’Leary, Hopkinton, MA                                        Term:  December 3, 2011

Salary:  LL: $110,114


University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees

Carol S. Perkins, Plymouth                                                                                Effective:  April 9, 2008

Succeeding:  Ann M. Sprague, Plainfield (resigned)                                      Term:  June 30, 2009


Board of Veterinary Medicine

Nominated by the New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association

Laurie A. Farrell, DVM, Bradford                                                                    Effective:  April 9, 2008

Succeeding:  Brad Taylor, Canterbury (reached term limit)                       Term:  March 5, 2013


State Commission on the Status of Women

Sandra Matheson, Hooksett                                                                             Effective:  April 9, 2008

Succeeding:  Marie Metoyer, Manchester (reached term limit)                  Term:  October 20, 2010