G&C Meeting 2-8-12






The Governor placed into nomination the following:


Board of Auctioneers

Gregory J. Walsh, Keene                                                                                    Effective:  March 1, 2012

Succeeding:  Jay T. St. Jean, Manchester                                                       Term:  March 1, 2017


Chief Operations Officer for the Department of Environmental Services

Susan A. Carlson, Bow                                                                                       Effective:  March 10, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Term:  March 10, 2016

Salary:  Grade GG; Maximum Step - $90,606


Fish and Game Commission

(Carroll County)

David L. Patch, (r), Glen                                                                                     Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Robert Rowan, (r), Center Sandwich                                       Term:  June 29, 2016


Lakes Management Advisory Committee

(Representative of the Conservation Community)

Nom by Loon Presentation Comm, Society for Protection of NH Forests, Audubon Society of NH and the NH Wildlife Fed

John H. Cooley, Jr. Center Sandwich                                                              Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Lawrence B. Sunderland, Deering                                            Term:  September 19, 2013


New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Industry Board

Paula M. Hiuser, Laconia                                                                                  Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Lindsey Boyd-Robertson, Exeter                                             Term:  January 9, 2016


Public Employee Labor Relations Board

(Alt. Member Representing Public)

David J. T. Burns, Concord                                                                               Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Charles S. Temple, Concord (resigned from position)          Term:  February 13, 2016


Public Water Access Advisory Board

(Power Boating)

Scott R. Verdonck, Goffstown                                                                          Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Paul F. Blizzard, Laconia                                                           Term:  October 27, 2013


Real Estate Appraisers Board

(Public Member)

Lee F. Carroll, Gorham                                                                                       Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Leonard Gerzon, Amherst                                                          Term:  September 16, 2014


Real Estate Appraisers Board

(Public Member)

Patricia C. Sherman, Newbury                                                                          Effective:  Upon confirmation

Vacancy                                                                                                                Term:  May 13, 2013


Rivers Managment Advisory Committee

(Representative of Agricultural Community)

Roger F. Noonan, New Boston                                                                         Effective:  March 22, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Term:  March 22, 2015


Director of the Division of Travel and Tourism Development

Nominated by the Commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development

Lori Harnois, Epsom                                                                                           Effective:  March 8, 2012

Reappointment                                                                                                    Term:  March 8, 2016

Salary:  Grade GG; Step 3 - $81,656


Volunteer NH Board of Directors

Norma M. Milne, Concord                                                                                Effective:  March 8, 2012

Succeeding:  Debra A. Paul, Londonderry                                                      Term:  March 8, 2015


Volunteer NH Board of Directors

Annmarie J. Woods, Manchester                                                                     Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Kyle MacDonald, Manchester                                                  Term:  November 15, 2012


Waste Management Council

(Representative of Private Industries that Generate Hazardous Waste)

Daniel P. Sweet, Kingston                                                                                  Effective:  Upon confirmation

Vacancy                                                                                                                Term:  August 22, 2014