G&C Meeting 12-8-10






The Governor placed into nomination the following:


Board of Licensure for Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals

(Public Member)

Charlotte Houde Quimby, Lebanon                                                                Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Daniel St. Hilaire, Concord                                                        Term:  January 28, 2013


Aviation Users Advisory Board

(Airport Manager)

Kim W. Hopper, Rochester                                                                               Effective:  Upon confirmation

Reappointment                                                                                                    Term:  October 29, 2014


Board of Licensure of Interpretors for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

(Non-deaf Public Member)

Christine C. Wellington, Derry                                                                           Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Elizabeth V. Brown, Keene                                                        Term:  October 10, 2013


Enhanced 911 Commission

(Nominated by FairPoint)

Karen Mead, Bedford                                                                                        Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Kevin M. Shea, Derry                                                                 Term:  July 8, 2011


Board of Professional Geologists

John M. Regan, Concord                                                                                   Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Dorothy Richter, Salem (term limited)                                     Term:  October 4, 2015


Board of Home Inspectors

(Home Inspector)

Carla J. Horne, Meredith                                                                                    Effective:  Upon confirmation

Reappointment                                                                                                    Term:  December 18, 2015


Independent Investment Committee

Harold Janeway, Webster                                                                                  Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  David Jensen, Contoocook (resigned)                                     Term:  At the Pleasure of G&C


Chairman of the Liquor Commission

Joseph W. Mollica, Sunapee                                                                             Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Mark Bodi, Portsmouth                                                              Term:  January 3, 2013

Salary:  Grade HH, Step 4, $93,812


Board of Mental Health Practice

(Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

Kim Gretchen Spencer, Center Harbor                                                           Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Sheila Renaud-Finnegan, Pembroke (term limited)              Term:  October 31, 2013


Mount Washington Commission

(Public Member)

Martha McLeod, Franconia                                                                              Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Guy Gosselin, Gorham (resigned)                                             Term:  July 2, 2014


Public Employee Labor Relations Board


Richard J. Laughton, Durham                                                                          Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  J. David McLean, Rochester (resigned)                                   Term:  October 2, 2015


Respiratory Care Practitioners Governing Board

Douglas A. Hall, Weare                                                                                      Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Carl J. Rod, Jefferson (term limited)                                        Term:  March 4, 2013


Rivers Management Advisory Committee

(Rep. Public Water Works)

Donald L. Ware, Merrimack                                                                             Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Robert G Beaurivage, Auburn (resigned)                                Term:  September 28, 2013


Sky Haven Airport Operations Commission

Kenneth L. Weyler, Kingston                                                                            Effective:  Upon confirmation

Vacancy                                                                                                                Term:  3 years from confirmation


Telecomminications Planning & Development Advisory Committee

(Regional Economic Deveolpment Organization or Planning Commission)

Michael D. Blair, Swanzey                                                                                Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  Kenneth G. Lurvey, Concord (resigned)                                  Term:  October 18, 2011


Telecomminications Planning & Development Advisory Committee


Nominated by the Commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development

Christopher K. Hodgdon, Contoocook                                                           Effective:  Upon confirmation

Reappointment                                                                                                    Term:  November 9, 2012


Transportation Appeals Board

(Professional Engineer)

Christopher R. Bean, Concord                                                                          Effective:  Upon confirmation

Succeeding:  H. Edmond Bergeron, North Conway                                     Term:  April 23, 2013