G&C Meeting 3-20-13






The Governor placed into nomination the following:


Education & Training Officer for the Division of Personnel at the Depart. of Admin Svcs - RSA:21-I

Nominated by: Director of Personnel

Mary (Kate) McGovern, Penacook                                                                                 Effective: Upon Confirmation

Succeeding: Dennis T. Martino, Hopkinton                                                                   Term: March 22, 2017

Grade DD; step 1- $59,469


State Committee on Aging - RSA: 161-F

(Hillsborough County)

Sherri W. Harden, Goffstown                                                                                            Effective: Upon Confirmation

vacancy                                                                                                                                Term: June 24, 2013


Cannon Mountain Advisory Commission - RSA: 12-A:29-b

Karen K. Irwin, Hopkinton                                                                                               Effective: Upon Confirmation

Succeeding: Gerald L. Coogan, New London                                                                Term: January 1, 2015


Community College System of New Hampshire - RSA: 188-F

(Alumni Member)

Angela M. Roussel-Roberge, Mont Vernon                                                                    Effective: Upon Confirmation

vacancy                                                                                                                                Term: June 30, 2013


Dental Hygienists Committee of the Board of Dental Examiners - RSA: 317-A

(Nom. by the NH Dental Hygienists Assoc)

Jodi Carnes, Rollinsford                                                                                                     Effective: Upon Confirmation

Succeeding: Joan K. Fitzgerald, Manchester                                                                 Term: September 28, 2015


State Board of Education - RSA: 21-N

(District 2)

Emma Rous, Durham                                                                                                        Effective: Upon Confirmation

vacancy                                                                                                                                Term: January 31, 2017


Board of Managers of the New Hampshire Veterans Home - RSA: 119

(Member of a chartered Veterans Service Organization)

Raymond J. Goulet, Jr., Manchester                                                                                Effective: Upon Confirmation

Succeeding: Anthony J. Romano, Jr., New Hampton                                                  Term: August 26, 2015